Archery Range Walkthrough

We have two archery ranges here at Sydenham Sportsmen Association. The Archery Practice Course and the Walkthrough Archery Course.

ARCHERY PRACTICE COURSE: This course can be used to sight in your bow at different distances, train newcomers to the sport, great for the younger generation to hone their skills, get yourself in shape for any upcoming hunting season and practice to improve your accuracy to name just a few. On this range we have targets for regular archery equipment and several for the crossbow enthusiasts. 

ARCHERY WALKTHROUGH COURSE: If you like Archery and want to put your skills to the test, you need to take a run through this 15 target Walkthrough Archery Range. When preparing for the upcoming hunting season, nothing beats a scenario-based shooting that closely simulates that which you can expect to encounter in the field.