Courses/Training Offered



This course is mandatory for all persons who wish to obtain a firearms license to acquire and possess non-restricted firearms. Whether Borrowing, Purchasing, Gifted, or Inherited.

The course includes and introduction to safe handling, loading, un-loading, transportation and storage of NON RESTRICTED FIREARMS.

Non restricted firearms include most Rifles and Shotguns. The course is open to anyone. Persons under the age of 18 must have their parents or guardians written permission. Persons aged 12 to 18 can apply for a MINORS PERMIT which has certain restrictions. These restrictions are mainly Adult supervision by a licensed firearms owner while shooting at a Range or Hunting.

This course takes approximately 10 hours to complete (over a period of three nights) and there is a fee charged.

Contact: Chuck Cannon  519-379-0297 


This course is mandatory for anyone wishing to possess or acquire a Restricted Firearm.

Restricted firearms include all handguns and some rifles and shotguns.

Persons who wish to take the restricted firearms safety course under the age of 18 can do so, for educational purposes only. Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to take the testing. Once they turn 18, they are required to take the course again and pass the testing to qualify for a restricted license.

The course concentrates on the safe handling, loading, un-loading, transportation, and storage of restricted firearms.. Restricted rifles and shotguns operate pretty much the same as Non restricted rifles and shotguns and the students will already be familiar with the Safe Handling Practices for these firearms having already taken the Non Restricted Course.

This course takes approximately 8 hours to complete and there is a fee charged.

Contact: Chuck Cannon  519-379-0297


This course or an alternate Holster Certification from an approved Club is mandatory prior to participation in any Defense Pistol or Cowboy Action courses, training or events at SSA.

This course includes teaching participants how to safely draw, fire and return a handgun to the holster, following the five (5) basic steps of a draw. The first half of the course is conducted in the classroom where holster types, selection and purpose of use are covered. In addition the course covers extensive dry fire practice by participants in the classroom prior to going to the range.

  • The second part which is conducted on the range is primarily practicing the live fire component.
  • The course takes approximately four (4) hours to complete and there are usually 2 or 3 instructors present.
  •  There is a small fee for this course. Please contact Peter Robson, Ray Hoffer or Jeff Caldwell for bookings and details

Contact: Tim Westover


This course is an introduction to defensive pistol for shooters who are new to this shooting discipline. The expectation is for the participant to be proficient with a handgun prior to taking this training.

There are several prerequisites required prior to taking this course. The participating Club Member must have passed the Club level Safety Course, and the Holster Training Course or have a similar holster certification from an approved Club.

The course objectives and instruction will enable the participant to :

a] Understand the scoring system and be able to score D/P targets properly.

b] Learn and follow the rules for Defensive Pistol shooting.

c] Understand and follow RSO commands used in D/P.

d] Be familiar and comfortable with the use of a shot timer.

e] Draw and re-holster safely while wearing a cover garment.

f] Shoot safely around barricades and obstacles.

g] Move forward, backwards and side to side safely.

h] Complete reloads with retention as well as emergency reloads.

  • The course takes 5 hours to complete and sessions are booked usually on Saturdays.
  • There is a small fee for this course, so please contact Jeff Caldwell for details and bookings.
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This course is mandatory for anyone wishing to hunt. The successful completion of this course and testing enables you to purchase an Ontario Hunting Outdoors Card.

The course includes:

  •  A minimum of 12 hours of classroom instruction as well as theory via Power Point. (over a two day period usually a weekend).
  • First attempt to challenge the written test.
  • It enables you to immediately purchase and Ontario Hunting Outdoors Card: H1, H2, A1 or A2 depending on your age and qualifications.
  • All instruction of course material will be in accordance with OFAH/OHEP standards and code of conduct.
  • Any firearms and ammunition used for the course will be provided by the instructor/examiner, they have all been disabled and cannot be discharged, in accordance with FSESO/OHEP safety policy.
  • Students are not permitted to bring firearms or ammunition to the course.

Prerequisites for course:

  • Pre-registration with deposit.
  • Students must bring 2 pieces of  government issued ID.
  • Minimum age requirement of 12. Parental/Guardian consent is required for those 12 to 16 years of age.

There is a fee and deposit for this course.

Contact: Chuck Cannon  519-379-0297

Club Level Safety Course

To insure safe use of SSA ranges this course is MANDATORY for anyone wishing to shoot restricted handguns at the SSA ranges unsupervised by a qualified member and to act as their own range officer on the handgun range for themselves and their guests.

Guests and members may shoot on SSA ranges if supervised by a qualified SSA member.

Persons who wish to take the Club Level Safety Course must be current members of SSA, ,have a valid restricted PAL and have participated in the Orientation Course prior to taking this course. The course reviews the CRFSC content covering the transportation, safe handling, loading, un-loading, and basic marksmanship components of that course along with Club specific content. The course takes approximately 5 hours to complete and involves both classroom and range time. To successfully complete the course participants must pass a written and practical exam, and a Proficiency Record . A fee is charged for this course.

Please contact David Fritz