Wildlife Advisory Committee

This is a standing committee of the SSA. These dedicated volunteers work on various conservation projects: anything from tree and shrub planting to benefit wildlife to maintaining and enhancing our Demonstration Wildlife Management Area adjacent to the SSA property.

Recently, we completed a Paired Mallards pond project on the Doug Reid Memorial Conservation property located on the Sunny Valley road and owned by the Sydenham Conservation Foundation. This project was a collaboration with the SSA, the SCF, DU and the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority.

The WAC also manages and co-ordinates our extensive Eastern Bluebird nesting programme throughout Grey County and Bruce Counties. You may have seen the triangular shaped nesting boxes on fence posts. More than 100 members of the public are involved in maintaining and monitoring these many hundreds of boxes. Additionally, bat boxes, wood duck nesting boxes, kestrel nesting boxes etc, are constructed and maintained. During the winter, members feed birds in various locations.

At our demonstration area, we have planted Tall Grass Prairie in a small plot. Many tree and shrub species have been planted. They include Sugar Maple, Red Oak, Burr Oak, White Oak, White Spruce, Norway Spruce, White Pine, Red Pine, Tall Bush Cranbury, Ironwood, Black Walnut, Black Locust and many more. Several years ago, we were contacted by Bird Studies Canada, University of Western Ontario Acadia University and the University of Guelph to see if we were interested in erecting the Motus Wildlife Tracking System. This triangular antenna is located close to our gazebo. It tracks wildlife and bird movements on the DWMA. Executive member Mike Prevost organized this project. On the DWMA, a number of brush piles for wildlife have been constructed. A short trip will confirm how active this area is.
At the Gord Maher Memorial Workshop Centre, volunteer SSA members construct nesting boxes, bird feeders and whatever else is needed. These conservationists are busily at work most weekday mornings.

If you have an interest in any of these activities, you should consider joining the SSA and getting involved.

Eastern Bluebird Nesting Maintenance
Paired Mallards Pond Project