Fisheries Advisory Committee

Fisheries Advisory Committee

This committee of the Sydenham Sportsmen’s Association (“SSA”) usually has between six and eight volunteers who have a keen interest in all fisheries matters. They take on the Club task of being responsible for all fisheries related activities in our rivers, streams and lakes. The “FAC” hold special meetings, where plans are made to recommend special fisheries projects for the “SSA” to undertake, and to provide special guidance to the Club when dealing with all fisheries issues. Within this committee a number of important Club positions are held.

The “FAC” Chair

Organizes and chairs all “FAC” meetings. Reports to the “SSA” Executive and President on all fisheries matters undertaken by the committee. All projects approved by the “FAC” committee requires approval from the “SSA” executive. The “FAC” chair also provides verbal and or written reports to the general members and to the “SSA” executive. When required the chair also will communicate with Ministry of Natural Resources (“MNR”), Ministry of Environment (“MOE”), Niagara Escarpment Commission (“NEC”), Conservation Authorities or any other government agency concerning fisheries issues related to the “SSA”‘s fisheries programs.

The “FAC” Recording Secretary

Records all minutes of meetings of the “FAC” and provides copies to the “FAC” chair and to the “SSA” president prior to the next “FAC” meeting.

Fish Hatchery Manager

Oversees all hatchery operations including feed orders, hatchery work parties, and organizes the required volunteer “SSA” members to operate the chinook salmon, rainbow trout and brown trout hatchery programs. All hatchery schedules and operating procedures for the “SSA” hatchery are prepared by the manager. Other responsibilities include meeting with the Weaver family on issues dealing with our lease for the “SSA” hatcheries, and meeting with the “MNR” or “MOE” concerning any and all permits and final reports required to take wild fish eggs or stocking of all fish reared.

Stream Enhancement Co-ordinator

Plans and implements all stream and river habitat projects. Submits all plans for approval by the “FAC” and “SSA” executive before starting any project. All community fisheries involvement projects (“CFWIP”) applications are completed on behalf of the “SSA” by the stream enhancement co-ordinator.

Environmental Concerns (Fisheries) Co-ordinator

Works with wildlife advisory committee (“WAC”) counterpart in studying and recommending improvements which will benefit the environment. Organizes the annual Pitch-In campaign in May of each year.

Mill Dam Fish way Co-ordinator

Organizes the day to day operation of the Mill Dam fish way in co-operation with the “MNR” and the Conservation Authority. Recommends needed changes to the fish way or to the operation of the fish way to both the “MNR” and to the “SSA”. Takes care of all legal agreements on behalf of the “SSA” with the “MNR” in order to operate this very high profile fish way.

“FAC” Members

Represent the “SSA” on all fisheries related issues involving committee meetings outside of the “SSA”. These tasks have included representing the “SSA” on the southern Ontario Rainbow Trout Advisory Committee; the coalition of area clubs (The Grey Bruce Conservation Coalition); and fisheries business related to Zone H of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. We have as well, provided guided tours to outside groups to our hatcheries, and “SSA” habitat projects and have often provided special slide\talk presentations on “SSA” fisheries projects to other interested groups. At present the “FAC” with co-operation from the “SSA” members have developed a massive fisheries program. Yearly we raise and stock 200,000+ chinook salmon, 125,000 rainbow trout and up to 100,000 brown trout, also a number of diverse stream and river fisheries habitat projects are completed by the “SSA” under the guidance of the “FAC”.