About the Shooting Sports Advisory Committee

This important group of dedicated volunteers represents each of the shooting groups in the SSA.  They meet regularly and are led by 2 CoChairs. This committee regularly reviews and updates our Range Rules and advises the SSA Directors on upcoming activities and projects.  An example would be needed upgrades to various range facilities. As well, this group works with the CFO’s office on our regular range certifications.

Shooting Sports Range Committee Contact Information


Jeff Caldwell

Jay Murdoch


Bill Douglas 519-372-0804 wcdouglas76@gmail.com

Dave Fritz 226-909-2516 daveandpat.fritz@gmail.com

Mike Hunter 226-668-7587 mshblues@rogers.com

Tim Lahey 519-270-6672 timlahey@hotmail.com

Dave MacKinnon 519-374-1025 davemack@bmts.com

John Thomson 519-376-8442 jthoms1639@rogers.com

Tim Westover 519-370-2090 toastgod@hotmail.com

Range & Activity Co-ordinators

  1. Handgun Range – Dave Fritz
  2. 25/50/100 Yard Rifle Range – Tim Lahey
  3. 25 Yard Rim-fire Range – Tim Lahey
  4. Archery Practice & Walk Through Ranges
    Doug Heighes nuggetlake@gmail.com 226-568-4000
  5. Trap Shooting – Jay Murdoch & John Thomson
  6. Skeet Ranges – Dave Mackinnon & Mike Thompson
  7. Sporting Clays – Mike Hunter & Jeff Caldwell
  8. Cowboy Action Shooting
    Kat McCulloch 519-373-9330 rkmcc@gbtel.ca
    & Bill Wattie 519-935-3456 flycast@xplornet.com
  9. Defensive Pistol (IDPA) – Tim Westover & Jeff Caldwell