2021 Overview , Rules & Regulation

2021 Overview, Rules & Regulation

Derby Entry Tickets

As of August 17, online derby tickets purchased will not be mailed to you.  Instead, you will get an email confirming your purchase and informing you that your ticket(s) will be held at the PR booth at the Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular.  You can pick them up from August 27 to September 5  from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm

Online Boat Draw Tickets
As of August 17, no online boat draw tickets will be sold on our website.  We cannot guarantee that the tickets will arrive in time in the mail.  Instead, tickets will be available at the P R booth at the Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular from August 27 to September 5 from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Additional Information for Salmon Spectacular Participants

First, we want to address anglers participating in the Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular.  You will all need to wear a mask while under the tent and in line.  Social distancing is a must.  Due to Convid restrictions, only 100 people can be in the tent at once.  For 2021, we are only accepting Salmon Fish donations.  There will not be an Awards Ceremony in 2021.  Prizes will be available at The Thrifty Storage on 20th St East on Monday Sept 6.  People with Fish Entries will have presidence entering the tent area.  It was decided that committee members will not look for lost ticket stubs in 2021.  What we strongly recommend is that you take a picture of your completed derby ticket on your phone.  That way, if you lose your ticket, you can still enter fish at the Weigh In Station.  As usual, we will enter all fish in line at 10:00 pm.

Secondly, we want to inform all other participants of 2021 changes.  Again only 100 people (at this point in time) are permitted under the tent and on our site.  As was previously mentioned, the Salmon Spectacular will be much different than what you are used to.  There are no Special Days, no entertainment, no Awards Ceremony, no breakfasts, etc.  Instead of banners for our sponsors, there will be 3 large screen TVs with sponsor advertising.  We plan to have a curbside Fish and Chips meal available on the Saturday nights.  You can purchase tickets at the P R Booth when the derby starts.  Along with the Weigh In Station, we will have a P R Booth, a small food booth and a small bar.  The only place that you can remove your mask is outside the tent or while sitting at a picnic table.  We encourage you to take your drink or food to a picnic table.  All events end at 10:00 pm, i.e. Bar ticket sales end at 9:30 pm with the bar closing at 10:00 pm.

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